Dear partners, we have been discussing partnerships for Zomba City Festival 2022 (ZCF22) and we kindly request you to fill in the form below.

The total budget for the festival is approx 18 million kwacha. Laura & Annelies are working tirelessly to get the budget covered. Financially the aim is to break even for the festival, but to create business opportunities after the event, because we want to put Zomba in the spotlight and not only attract tourists during the festival, but also afterwards.

A partner of Zomba City Festival means that you are a location where part of the programme takes place. In some cases the venue pays for all entertainment and programme content; in other cases ZAP organised (part of) the programme at your venue.

As counts for everything, nothing really comes for free. Laura and Annelies are investing many hours in organising the event; from talking to artists to finding sponsors, getting permits and organising 1st aid and security. From March they will be joined by volunteers who expect some allowances towards food, transport and airtime. There will be an office at Pakachere and the organisers will need paper, ink, internet and other stationary. There will be a dedicated team for social media and all these people need to be supervised.

If you are not sure, please contact Annelies on 0999 82 66 86
ZAP pays almost 1 million kwacha for coverage on ZODIAK TV. Please note that being included in the TV coverage does not come for free and we ask all venues/locations who want to be included, for a contribution. Either in kind or cash. ZAP also pays for the videographer, transport, models and props which is at least another 300,000. We kindly request a contribution of 150,000 to be included.
Please describe in short how you want your place to be represented on TV.
We will have a team active on social media before and during the festival. Please provide information if you want to be included.
How do you want to be mentioned on social media. Please also send a short text what you offer and at least 3 photographs (max 2mB) to
You might want to visit the other locations or give your staff or family a ticket. Please let us know how many tickets you would like. The tickets will be Mk24,000 at the door, but 16,000 early bird.
We give our partners a chance to sell products in the Botanic Gardens. The value of a stand is Mk 36,000 for 2 days.
Please call or WhatsApp Annelies on 0999 82 66 86

Some venues pay cash to be part of the festival to cover costs for artists, organising and volunteers; others pay in kind through (discount on) rooms, meals or discount for people with festival wristbands; some don’t pay anything but organise their own programme. Please find attached an example of packages; all packages can be custom-made with your special requirements.

For all press and media, we kindly ask to refer everybody to Laura on 0883 68 85 30

For questions regarding the partnership, please contact Annelies on 0999 82 66 86


Here you find a document that explains the festival in 1-page