Picture by Andrew


If you have only 1 day in Zomba, a hike or easy walk on the plateau should be on your programme. There is a very good road up and once you park at KuchaWe you can hire a guide who can take you on a short easy walk to William’s Falls (1.5 hours), the view points or the nature trail (2-3 hours) or further & a bit more challenging to Chingwe’s Hole (5-6 hours). You cna take picnic to have along the way or stop at Trout Farm or the Dam (K200 per person). All Zomba tour guides have a photo ID; you can find them near the curio stalls at the KuchaWe hotel.


For a 2-day visit, we recommend a day on the mountain and a day in town. Visit town and the market in the morning for some shopping; stop somewhere for lunch, and explore the history of Zomba with the old parliament buildings and the botanic gardens (K300 per person) in the afternoon.


Do you have an extra day in Zomba? Why not visit Lake Chilwa or Chikala Pillars & the Chilema Tree, or spend the day at the foot of Mount Mulanje in Thutchila Pools for a nice walk and (cold) swim.


With more time in Zomba, you will have to walk around the university campus, join a WESM excursion or talk, go to the KAR memorial to learn more about the history of the army, have a swim at one of the hotels, and get yourself iced coffee or cappuccino with cake at African Heritage or The Chocolate Factory, or read a book in the garden of Pakachere with some snacks or lunch and a cold drink. For more sporty people you can hire a mountain bike at Pakachere, run the Mulungzui – Old Naisi loop, or walk to Casa Rossa where you can have an ice cream while enjoying the views.

If you staying for a while: every week there is Paka Tuesday. Locals, students, expats, volunteers and travellers meet each other for an (early) dinner, drink and chat.

Birthday celebration on Tuesday at Pakachere