Thank you all for coming!

Zomba City Festival celebrated the culture, heritage and natural beauty of the one-time capital of Malawi. We had 4 days full of activities at the city’s most vibrant locations; with something to enjoy for everyone. We loved it and are looking back at an amazing event. Check our Insta for pictures and fill in our questionnaire to win prizes like tickets for next year.

Zomba City Festival 2023 was funded by the Sound Connects Fund, an initiative by the Music In Africa Foundation (MIAF) and Goethe-Institut. The Sound Connects Fund is made possible with the financial contribution of the European Union and the support of the Organisation of ACP States.

Programme schedule (subject to change)

The Concept

You buy 1 ticket for MWK 25,000 at the door and you get FREE ACCESS the whole weekend at all VENUES that are part of Zomba City Festival 2023.

There are day tickets available for Saturday and for Sunday for MWK 15,000 per day. Students can get day tickets for 10,000 with a valid current ID.

How does it work? You buy a ticket, book a hotel or camping space at Pakachere, Trinity Homes & Treats, or Annie’s Lodge, travel to Zomba and enjoy all kinds of art at several places in town. You explore Zomba going from one venue to the other.

It starts on Friday afternoon around 4-5PM. After the opening there will be music, food & drinks at Pakachere and The Mixed. If you still have energy, you can go to Vogue and dance until the sun rises. Entrance with your festival wristband is free.

In the morning you either do a yoga class at Pakachere or listen to poetry & book readings at The Heritage Centre. Another option is to go up the mountain to go for a hike or stay in bed to save energy for the evening programme. On Sunday, The Heritage Centre organises a historical walk from their venue to Botanic Gardens.

Saturday and Sunday afternoon there will be various programmes. You can go up Zomba Plateau for a hike. In town there will be live music and family fun with games and 100% live music with bands on stage at Domino’s. Towards the end of the afternoon you can enjoy performance arts while having a nice meal at Pakachere; around 5PM we plan to have theatre, followed by short films. If you rather have a more vivid vibe with young talent on stage, you can go to The Mixed where they have live music and food from 4PM.

For the night owls, Vogue will be open till late with a neon party on Saturday.

Sunday will have a full programme in the Botanic Gardens. You can get there with a guide from The Heritage Centre; Christopher can tell you a lot about the former capital’s history while you move from The Heritage Centre to the Botanic Gardens (departure 11AM). At Zomba National Botanic Gardens there is Art in the Park, an open air art exhibition featuring many painters from Malawi, as well as a fashion show with 5 amazing fashion designers showing their latest designs, market stalls, jumping castle and treasure hunt for children, food & drinks, and more!

The Mixed and Pakachere will be welcoming visitors with a nice programme in the early evening and Vogue might be open till late. Again, free entrance with your festival wristband!

Monday starts with a chilled vibe like all other mornings; yoga & wellness at Pakachere and poetry & books at The Heritage Centre. In the afternoon there will be live music at Gymkhana at the party sponsored by Castel.

So there is something for everyone; early risers, families with children, art lovers and party people. You get to know Zomba because you go from one place to the next. We will organise affordable and safe transport between the locations., stroll over the golf course to Pakachere or join The Heritage Centre’s historical walk to the Botanic Gardens on Sunday.

Please follow our socials for updates about day tickets and single access to just 1 venue.

Programme on Saturday & Sunday we have day tickets on the door for MWK 15,000 per person (students MWK 10,000)

Tickets 2024

Will be for sale from February next year

children under 12 years accompanied by an adult free entrance


Every year we work with lodges to give you the best deal.

Stalls / Vendors 2024

Sell your stuff, give a workshop or exhibit your work

Information will come early 2023


We have a survival guide 2023′, a page that might answer most of your questions (FAQ)

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