When and where is Zomba City Festival

It starts on Friday 29th April and finishes on Monday 2nd May. 2022 The festival takes place at 8 different venues on town, for visitors to explore the city and for us to spread the crowd for physical distancing.

What is Zomba City Festival?

Zomba City Festival wants to put Zomba on the map; we want visitors to enjoy the beauty of this historical town at the foot of Zomba Mountain. We want to showcase local talent and create business opportunities for local businesses.

The festival has lots of activities for

  • sporty people (hikes, yoga, boot camp and even a weight lifting competition),
  • families (children’s activities at Dominos on Saturday, Signature on Sunday and every day at The Chocolate Factory),
  • culture vultures (visual art exhibition in Botanic Gardens, poetry, book fair at The Heritage Centre, theatre and music), and
  • party people (live music, at Pakachere, pool party, and much more)

Admission tickets

This year tickets went for MWK 18,000 which gives access to all venues for the weekend. We are now looking into how to price the festival for 2022.

Family tickets will be availabe again for 2022

Corona virus

We do have a strict Covid Mitigation Protocol. We stick to Malawi Government Rules and WHO guidelines. Therefore, we ask everybody to wash hands with soap for at least 20 seconds when entering a venue; there is hand sanitiser available. Wearing a mask is mandatory; no mask, no entry.

Health & Safety

Every venue has a first aid kit, we have a doctor on standby and a car for emergencies.

Day tickets?

This year there were no day tickets available. We are looking into a different structure for next year.

Where to buy tickets

For 2021: In Blantyre at Kwa Haraba. In Lilongwe to be confirmed. In Zomba at Steers, Pakachere and The Chocolate Factory. You can also send us a message and pay via Airtel Money, Mpamba or bank transfer.

Please note that we use last year’s tickets. Do not panic if the date is wrong; the 2020 tickets are valid this year. We do not want to waste paper and are reusing the tickets we had made for last year’s festival.

Family tickets are available at the door only. Two parents and 2 children MWK 40,000 – one parent and 2 children MWK 24,000

Where is the car park / drop off point (updated soon)

That depends which venue you want to go to. Most places have car parks. For Pakachere, you are asked to park opposite the police station on the car park of the Education Office.

How do I get from one venue to the next?

Most venues are close together, so you can walk. You can choose to drive, but we strongly recommend not to drink and drive!! For yoga on the mountain and the treasure hunt on Sunday morning, we are looking into organising transport up; of course you are welcome to join the hikers who will set off at 9AM to hike up!

Do children need to buy a ticket?

We have family tickets on sale during the festival at Pakachere and The Chocolate Factory.

What food and drink is available at the event?

There will be food and drinks available at all venues, either served by the lodge or there might be stands. Pakachere will have simple healthy vegetarian meals and the barbecue will be lit every day and the kitchen is open for breakfast and lunch; The Chocolate Factory sells snacks; Annie’s Lodge provides food for Art in the Park; Mango Lodge has food; Signature sells food and will also provide breakfast on the mountain on Sunday morning; Viva Gym sells protein shakes on the mountain; The Heritage Centre sells breakfast during the book fair; Dominos has ice cream, pizza and other yummie food during the Family Fun Day.

Can I bring my own food and drink to the event?

For activities on the mountain and in the Botanic Gardens, you can bring your own food and drinks. At venues you are not allowed to bring in glass bottles or alcohol. Some snacks and drinks for children is allowed. Bags and pockets will be checked at the entrance of the venues.

Press accreditation

Journalists, photographers, videographers and bloggers from established and reputable media platforms are invited to apply for media accreditation for next year’s festival taking place from 29 April to 2 May 2022.

Zomba City Festival welcomes media accreditation applications from authorised journalists, bloggers, photographers or videographers from the following:

  • Recognised local, national, regional or international daily newspapers, wire and news services
  • Recognised local, national, regional or international magazines
  • Recognised local, national, regional or international radio and television stations and network
  • Recognised local, national, regional or international blogs or websites

Zomba City Festival does not offer allowances or transport to accredited media personnel.

Accredited media personnel will receive tickets for the festivals but NOT for partners or guests. Media access does NOT enable access to backstage areas or other secure areas.

Partners & Sponsors

The festival magazine is made in collaboration with Infinity Media Group

The Heritage Centre sponsored soap for hand washing

Arkay Plastics donated buckets for hand washing

Pakachere offered office space

Globe provided free wifi at some venues.

Nali is kindly sponsored us with some money and freebies (hot sauce!)

NICO Group, sponsored the amazing show of Faith Mussa


Do you want to sell your products at the festival, please contact Merel via bhobho@zapmalai.com

A stall for 1 day is MWK 12,000 (non-food & not allowed to sell drinks))

For all days MWK 20,000 (non food & not allowed to sell drinks)

If you want to sell food or drinks, you pay MWK 20,000 for 1 day

And for food & drinks for 2-3 days you pay MWK 30,000

If you want a table, add K2,000 per day; for electricity (not possible at all locations) you also add K2,000 per day. If you want to sell goods at night, we recommend you bring lights. Don’t forget shelter to protect you from the sun and the rain!

When you have a stall, you get a wristband valid for 1 day for the location where your stall is. You cannot move around to other venues or come in another day.


Do you want to work at the festival? Email Annelies on bhobho@zapmalawi.com

We expect you work at least 28 hours during the festival (Fri & Mon 6 hours; Sat & Sun 8 hours). We will provide food when you are working and there is space to pitch a tent.


Some lodges have special offers for the festival. For example, The Chocolate Factory and Pakachere both give discount if you stay for 3 nights and breakfast is included.

Where to stay?

Annie’s Lodge

Domino Lodge

Mango Lodge


The Chocolate Factory

Villa Kupa

Contact Linda on 0999576593 or 0882858089 for bookings

CAMPING: Get the real festival vibe through sleeping in your tent.

Visitors can camp at

  • Pakachere (K3,000 basic; K10,000 incl. breakfast and hot showers inside). Please do not keep valuables in your tent. There will be no extra security for the campsites. Bookings info@pakachere.com or 0994685934 | 0882858089
  • Casa Rossa About 35 minutes walk from the festival.
  • Richard’s AirBnB: Richard’s AirBnB is a little further out and you need a car or taxi to get to the festival.

It is illegal to carry or to deal drugs. No smoking of marihuana allowed at all festival venues.

There’s no minimum age to visit Zomba City Festival. There is something for everyone!  There are special family tickets for sale at the venues.

We love pets but they’re not allowed at Zomba City Festival.


If you want to go for a hike on the mountain, you can either join ZCF on Sunday morning (9AM, potato path to the dam; approx 1.5hrs – steep!) or Hiker’s Alliance on Monday morning for a longer hike from Ku Chawe Inn to the William’s Falls and the view points.

If you fancy just an easier walk or just with your own group, please book one of our accredited tour guides from Zomba Tour Guides Association

Get a guide for your hike

Want to stay informed? Follow Zomba City Festival via Facebook, Twitter or  Instagram or keep an eye on this website. Share your photos with the hashtag #ZCF21 so we can see them 🙂

Any further questions? Please contact us via bhobho@zapmalawi.com or pop us a message on our social channels.