Artist Application

You can apply through filling in the form. Zomba City Festival aims to give everybody a fair fee that includes withholding tax, money for transport, food and accommodation (all-in).

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Zomba City Festival is a unique event. This year sees its 3rd edition after a successful event last year. At Zomba City Festival where artists get a chance to perform at different venues in town.

The ZAP team is currently inviting artists to apply to be part of Zomba City Festival. We will select artists that fit our vision and our budget.

Who are we talking to?
Please tell us where you are staying
Please let us know what name you want on posters and the schedule
Contact number for main contact person
What number can we use to contact you via WhatsApp?
Zomba City Festival is an arts festival; what kind of artist are you? Choose the right one from the dropdown menu.
What exactly do you do, with how many people are you on stage, what do you want to exhibit, etc. What do you offer exactly? Are you a model? Singer? Dancer? Comedian? Do you know how to juggle? Are you a magician? Please let us know what you do!
A link to your website, Facebook page, fanpage
Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tiktok
Please show some work, so we can see what you can do. For models, please give us some information like cloth size and length.
How many people will be traveling to Zomba?
Please let us know where you are all traveling from
Will you come with your own car, public transport or rental car?
What do you want us to cover? Fuel, public transport allowance, money for accommodation, etc.?
Do you have relatives or friends where you and the rest of your group can stay?
Don't be shy to ask anything about the festival

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