Artist’s feedback

ZAP is a new organisation and Zomba City Festival 2022 was our 2nd edition. We would like to know what we did well and what could be better. Please share your feedback with us to improve our festival and make it bigger and better in 2023. All comments are welcome. Zikomo!

What would you like to win?
Please tick the box(es) of the days you visited one of the 7 locations. Maybe it was 1 day only or all days.
Please rate us: 1 is very bad and 10 is perfect
We would like to know what we can improve, so uyou feedback is important to us to make next year’s festival bigger and better 🙂
We want people to explore the city and enjoy all kinds of arts & activities for families, young creatives, elderly people, arts lovers, party people, etc. Is that something you love or hate?
What was good; what could be better
What would be your favourite place to showcase your art?
If chosen ‘other’, please give the name of the place you would like to showcase your art.
Did you feel safe? If yes, please check ‘fantastic’. If not, click on very bad
We had 16,000 early bird 24,000 for 4 days at the door 10,000 day tickets children under 12 for free Do you think that is cheap, fair or just right?
How did you like the communication before the festival? (in the weeks/days leading up to the festival)
How did you like the communication during the festival? (at the festival)
Did you know what was expected? Was the timetable clear?
There is always room for improvement. What did you miss? What went wrong?
Let us know if there are things you would like to be taught by an expert.